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At Ohm Vision Inc, we transform business operations with innovative software solutions, empowering them to thrive in the digital landscape.

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About Ohm Vision Inc.

We are a leading software development and consulting agency specializing in enterprise custom software solutions. With a deep understanding of diverse technologies, we deliver tailored software that optimizes business operations and drives growth.

With expertise in web development, cloud technologies, database design, and DevOps practices, we offer comprehensive services to businesses of all sizes. Our client-centric approach ensures personalized solutions that address specific challenges and leverage opportunities.

Our Services

Discover the Power of Our Tailored Services to Propel Your Business Forward

Enterprise Custom Software Development and Consulting

We specialize in building custom software solutions tailored to the unique requirements of enterprises. Our experienced team leverages cutting-edge technologies to deliver high-performance, scalable, and secure applications.

Software Development

Startup Bootstrapping/MVP Realization

For startups and entrepreneurs, we offer cost-effective solutions to bring their Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) to life. We assist in selecting the right technologies, implementing robust web development frameworks like Next.js, Nest.js, and React, and ensuring efficient and scalable solutions.

Startup Bootstrapping

DevOps CI/CD Implementation

We help organizations implement robust CI/CD pipelines using industry-standard tools like Jenkins and Terraform. Our goal is to streamline the development and deployment processes, enabling faster time to market and improved software quality.


Database Design and Perfomance Optimization

Our experts are skilled in designing and optimizing databases using various technologies, including PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDB, MSSQL, DocumentDB, and MongoDB. We ensure efficient data management, performance optimization, and adherence to best practices.


Platform Design and Architectural Planning

Our team provides architectural review and planning services, helping businesses choose the most suitable architectural philosophies for their projects. Whether it's RESTful API, Microservice Architecture, Monolithic Architecture, Message-Based Architecture, Asynchronous Messaging Models, or IoT integration, we ensure optimal performance and scalability


Scrum Implementation

Our team assists organizations in implementing Scrum methodologies for agile software development. We provide guidance on Scrum practices, facilitate team collaboration, and help streamline the development process.


.NET C# Development

Our team of experienced developers specializes in .NET C# development, including Windows Forms, .NET MVC, and .NET Standard (Microsoft Stack). We create robust and scalable solutions for your software needs.

Dotnet C# Development

BI Solutions

Unlock the full potential of your data with our Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. We design and implement data-driven solutions, providing you with valuable insights and analytics to make informed business decisions.

bi solution

Technical Interviewings

We offer support in the technical interviewing process, helping businesses identify skilled candidates for their software development teams. Our expertise allows us to assess candidates' technical abilities, ensuring the right fit for the organization.

Technical Interviewing


Our applications, powered by the Proteus Platform, empower you with full control over your data

Whimsy Travel App

Whimsy Travel App

A travel app built geared towards explorers. It creates a low-budget itinerary to visit the most number of cities within the travel timeframe.

Proteus Billing

Proteus Billing

Basic invoice management for small businesses and independent contractors with built-in project-based invoicing.

Budget App

Budget App

A universal budgeting application for individuals wanting to gain a better grasp on their finances.

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